Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen © 2010 The General Conference of the New Church

6. Four Horsemen     Revelation 6:1-8

Four Horsemen

Revelation chapter 6 verses 1-8

The world sees the Four Horsemen as four hellish destroyers who come to bring terrible disasters on mankind. Perhaps that reveals something about ourselves and our expectations! What we have here are symbolic representations of inner realities. A rider on a horse symbolises our mind when it is under the rational control of our intellect, as opposed to being buffeted by emotions or physical sensations.

The horse’s colour indicates the quality of our understanding of our own life and of life in general, seen in the light of revelation. The first, white, represents truth and purity by which the Lord rules and conquers all that is false and impure. Then comes a serious decline from that purity. The red horse shows the destruction of inner peace, caused by the onset of hateful feelings. The loss of the ability to understand the true nature of life and relationships, where our self-interest rules, brings darkness – the black horse. The inevitable consequence is spiritual death – the pale horse. But all is far from lost!



"I looked, and there before me was a white horse!"

(chapter 6 verse 2)