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A Spiritual Growth Course

This 6 session course has been specially designed to support people wishing to explore a personal application of the Book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse.

It offers a new insight into Johnís complex visions recorded in Revelation, in a setting that provides for some personal examination for spiritual growth in a non-threatening way.

Each of the sessions is based on a text from the Book, and offers a pictorial representation of the vision for initial reflection and comment. This is a novel way of approaching the theme, and is encouraging because it uses the sense of sight to stimulate individual responses.

This course is not strictly a study course. The emphasis is not so much on extending knowledge as developing the capacity to apply the Word of God to oneís inner life. The materials encourage looking for meaning and application, and seeing applications to personal/spiritual growth.

Anyone leading the course is asked to act as a facilitator, drawing out othersí reactions and ideas, whilst at the same time offering background material as the need arises. There is also time for music, meditation and prayer. The facilitator participates as a full member of the group.



As the course progresses, all group members are invited to share how they have responded to the personal task of self-examination given at the end of each session.

There is considerable freedom for each group to develop in its own way during the six sessions of the course.

This course is strongly recommended to anyone who is seeking to develop their personal spiritual life, using a Biblically-based approach, and to understanding something of the complex account of Johnís visions in Revelation.

There are two documents available for this course - a course handbook and a course leader's handbook. The course handbook is available as an A5 booklet of 28 A5 pages and the course leader's handbook is available as an A4 booklet of 43 pages.

To read and print a copy of both these booklets you will need Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader please go to the Resources section of this web site for assistance.

To download the course handbook click here: 
Course Handbook

To download the course leader's handbook click here:
Course Leader's Handbook